Change My Heart


This is a daily prayer!

BE Blessed!

Father please change my heart, search out my heart and change me from my wicked ways. Help me to give it all up for you. Please change my heart to Love my companion, as you will have me to Love him/her. Change my heart to be a humble servant to do for you as you have designed a servant to be. Search my heart for those imperfections that need attention. Please search my heart so that I can speak cleanliness out of my mouth. For your Word says, "to clean the inside of the cup so that outside will be clean as well". Clean my inside so my outside will reflex the workings of my insides. Place me between you and Yh'shua, so that I may know the fullness to my walk on this earth. Have the Holy Spirit work with me to subdue the bad things that have a tendency to surface at the wrong times. Change my way of thinking to a more pureness attitude so that what I speak out of my mouth will be positive knowledge instead of negative. Change me Oh Lord, to be like you. Give me the words that I need to tell the world that it is time to get real. Change my heart!

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