Why are Deviled eggs called deviled eggs?
Richard V. Milner
Nov 28, 2002

This morning Renee was making deviled eggs that we now like to call Jesus eggs. While she was working on the eggs, she started to ponder why are they called Deviled Eggs. Then she heard in her spirit because they are unequally yoked. When they are sliced into they are unequally yoked. If you are unequally yoked then you have a demonic presense in your mist, so I can see where the label Deviled Eggs came from. This is just from her, I don't know the real answer but I thought it was neat.

If you know the answer, please send it to us. athome@sowingseeds.org

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and remember what we have to be Thankful for. First and foremost our personal Lord and Savior Jesus the Messiah and all He has done and given to us. Also thank Him for the future that you are believing for.

After receivng the message the other day on Thanking the Father, I haven't looked at the materials that I have the same. I am such a blessed man and full of the Father's favor.

BE Blessed!